Black Cut Corner Folders

Black Cut Corner Folders

Black board cut-corner folders, unblocked. Available in a variety of sizes. These folders primarily as an events photo folder. Not just for photographers, this range is also popular with card makers and art & crafts enthusiasts for ; make your own photo cards, make your own greetings cards, make your own wedding invitations, make your own birthday cards, make your own Christmas cards, make your own invitation cards, make your own confirmation cards. Whatever the invitation card, birthday card, wedding card you are trying to make, this is universal to all as it has a lovely matt smooth finish. The photo folder features 4 x cut corners to hold a photo in place but you don’t have to use the cuts if you’re making cards.

Please Note: All mount sizes refer to the size photograph the mount will fit. All bag sizes refer to the size mount the bag will fit. i.e a 5x7 photograph will fit a 5x7 mount and the 5x7 mount will fit a 5x7 bag.

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